Social Dances
for Solo Piano

Social Dances is a suite of social dances for the piano. There are only three movements, but I always have intended to write more:

A Little Waltz for Jules
A Little Swing for Lindy
Hailing a Taxi

The suite was inspired by Richard Powers' social dance classes at Stanford University, through which I came to appreciate music (and especially rhythm) in a new way. I was always a bit awkward when it came to dancing, but those classes opened me up to the physical communication involved, and the delightful variety of dance styles.

The first movement, "A Little Waltz for Jules", is named for my friend Juliann, who likes waltzes. The second, "A Little Swing For Lindy", is a reference to Lindy Hop, a kind of dance often done to swing music. Lastly, the third movement, entitled "Hailing a Taxi", is based on a more metaphorical sort of dance.

I always wanted to write a few more, perhaps about coming to a four-way stop sign, falling in love, having an argument... Or maybe even a polka.