A Day Diffracted

A Day Diffracted is a graphic score in watercolors, to be realized by any group of electronic or acoustic musicians. It is in three panels, and is intended to be read from left to right:

The first interpretation/realization of the score was made by my good friend David Kanaga. I gave David a package of samples to play with—a combination of recorded sounds of daily life and a recording of me playing the first movement of Beethoven's Op. 109—and he did his thing. Give it a listen, and maybe even try to follow along with the image above:

I later decided to make my own version of the piece using the same samples that I gave to David. My approach was to create a set of laptop instruments along with some general ideas about the shape and quality of the music and enlist a few friends to join me in a semi-improvised realization. Here's the result (sinc'd with a scrolling video of the score):

Many thanks to the musicians / friends who performed with me:

Thanks also to Sharon Searles, who taught me what I know about watercolor painting.