Piano has always been one of the primary lenses through which I understand and relate to music. Practicing and performing at the piano helps me to stay grounded in the physical act of playing music, and has been an enormously important part of my musical education.

New Music

A lot of my activity as a pianist takes the form of performing works written by friends and other contemporary composers. Here's a piece by my friend Edo Frenkel:

Sometimes I also get asked to collaborate on weird and wonderful stuff like this (piano playing does eventually happen if you wait for it):

...or to play duets with one piano tuned a quarter-tone down:

Not-So-New Music

One of my larger undertakings at the piano in recent years has been learning the Berg Piano Sonata, Op. 1:

Prior to that, I took on the Alcott's movement from Ives' Concord Sonata:

Old Music

Playing Beethoven at the piano has long been an inspiration to me, even back when my hair was completely out of control:

My Music

Of course, I often play my own music as well. For instance, Romance?:

And Like as the Waves:

The recordings of Barlicity, Formations, and my Social Dances on this website also feature me as the pianist.